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Wigan Council says there is nothing they can do - wrong!

When it was announced that Kilhey Court luxurious 4 star hotel would house economic migrants Wigan Council said it had written to the government as that all they could do. Given the recent Council meetings that all they seem to do write to the Government. Another words all words no action.

When 2 neighbouring councils had the issue that Standish is facing now they did not write to the Government and held meetings with them. They somehow got the economic migrants moved as it was not appropriate for them to be housed there, due to the lack of support network and also not appropriate for the community. So why can Wigan Council not do this? Or maybe the question should be why do they not want to do this?

In a recent statement the Labour leader of Wigan Council said that they support these people and it is just because they are being housed in hotels that they are concerned with. Why what do they want to give them - Council houses?

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