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Where will the petition go?

A number of people that have kindly signed the petition have asked where will the petition be delivered too?

Great question. So let us start at the top. We firmly believe that it is the Government that has given the contract to Serco, who are wanting to place the economic migrants into this luxuries 4-star hotel. So the first point is the government and therefore it will be delivered to No.10 Downing Street. The buck has to stop at the top!

We will also deliver a copy to Wigan Town Hall as we feel completely let down by the local council. You may ask why? Well, they are not bothered about Standish residents, or their concerns. The Labour leader of Wigan Council said that they welcome people like this in the borough and will support them, but feel that the hotel is not suitable. So Labour doesn't want them on a barge, rightly or wrongly - that is not the point at this time. They do not want them to go into former barracks. And now they don't want them in luxuries 4 star hotels. So where would they want them to go ? Council houses that local residents are waiting for? We will be writing to the Leader of the Council asking him this very question. So they will get a copy as they should be standing up for the residents of Standish.

So hopefully this answers this question. Any more let us know.

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