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What Now?

Now that we have won the fight in housing the asylum seekers in Kilhey Court people are asking us is that it? One Labour Cllr even has said thank god for that, people will forget about this by May and we will win at the local elections and people will forgot about this. But there they go. How wrong are they? This was never about May's Local Election or the next General Election. It was about what is right and fair to the community and residents of Standish!

What is so funny is after months of hiding the Cllrs and Council come out and say - "Hey look at us and how great we are!" They did nothing and here's why. If they could do this why couldn't get the asylum seekers out of the Britannia? Well, you only have to look at what was different this time. The residents and community coming together. I know many have thanked Maureen and myself for what we did and I am humbled that many say this. Whilst I did the petition it was the thousands that signed it that made it a success. Whilst I did the public meeting it was the over hundred that turned up that helped, came together and discussed next steps. It was Maureen that did the protest outside, but it was the hundreds that turned up that made that a success. It was all you. If you did not turn up and or sign then both the protest and petition would have failed. So thank you for everything but then some ask is this the end?

The answer to the above question is no. So, what is next then ? I hear you ask. Well, we learnt that Cllr Whittingham, who brags, with the other Standish Cllrs, that they meet the police weekly about the issue of asylum seekers in the village, and even twice weekly at times. We know the police are always there too. So what is the danger we asked? No answer. We have seen in a letter from Cllr Whittingham that he says that people should not walk down the line alone at any time of the day or night. Why? What is the danger to us? Standish has always been a safe community and at no point in my 50 years I have lived here have I heard any parents say you can not walk down there. I said this movement of Standish Views Matter is about taking Standish back. The residents own it not some high paid Cllr that hide away, only to come out at elections and litter picks, we need better - we deserve better!

So, now we need to keep the pressure on and make London listen to us about the Britannia and we will do the same, petitions, protests and media to keep this up until we have Standish safe again and we have our community back. So keep fighting with us as we go again now for the Britannia.

(This article is written by Standish Views Matter founder Gareth Fairhurst, who admits in public that he is dyslexic and he says this as one of our ward Cllrs and other Standish Voice members belittle him in public forums and on SV page for this. If there are some grammatical errors he apologises in advance.)

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