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We've done it!

Great news - we've done it!

It has now been confirmed that it is actually Kilhey Court hotel that will close to asylum seekers. They will be gone by the end of January of next year, so not too long. Labour Cllr Terry Mugan said it is a year long contract they have, so no doubt the hotel group will get the full 12 months payment for the 5 months that it is being used.

Labour MP and Standish Voice are saying it is all the hard work that she, the council and local Cllrs have been doing that has got this result. We know from the FOI that we put in that only 2 Cllrs sent letters to the home office. They did this 5 days after we started our Standish Views matters campaign.

Someone has put on, hearsay we know, that they have a friend that works for Serco and said this was because all the pressure that had come from the petition, protests and media attention that Maureen and myself have done with support from the community.

The people know who has done what and who hid. So we will not write 15 paragraphs propaganda saying it was us, we will let you decide. But the main thing we should take from this is the residents and community came together after being abandoned by the Cllrs and council and won. Well done to everyone that played their part and worked together to get this.

(This article is written by Standish Views Matter founder Gareth Fairhurst, who admits in public that he is dyslexic and he says this as one of our ward Cllrs and other Standish Voice members belittle him in public forums and on SV page for this. If there are some grammatical errors he apologises in advance.)

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