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The week that was....

So last week we had a busy week.

Local resident Gareth Fairhurst went to Downing Street to hand in the petition of over 3,500 names that are calling on them to tell their contractor Serco not to use Kilhey court hotel to house asylum seekers for concerns and a number of reasons.

On the back of that visit a number of media interviews where carried out on BBC Northwest, BBC Radio Manchester and BBC politics show. This keeps the fight that residents are doing.

Also, a number of residents had had enough of the 3 Cllrs for Standish hiding and so they went to a Cllr's surgery and here is what happened there . Going forward we will visit the other Cllr's surgery's but we will not be letting them know when as when we announced we were going to go to Tory Cllr Whittingham's surgery he had arranged the police to watch us meet and have the riot police at the surgery. If you would like to attend the next time we visit a Cllr's surgery to ask them questions if they keep hiding please let us know.

There have been no news or updates on the 2 Labour Cllrs as they did not have a Cllr's surgery this weekend.

What is disturbing on social media it has been reported that Cllr Whittingham was in the Lychgate pub on Friday night and he was asked about the Kilhey Court and why he was not doing anything about it and his response was - "who cares?" This was in front of 8 witnesses. We have written to him to find out why he said that and also does he really believe that?

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