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SVM fights to make the cross roads lights safer

Last week SVM founder, Gareth Fairhurst, saw a gentleman nearly knocked down at the main cross roads traffic lights due to the traffic being backed up across the cross roads that had come down School Lane and then going straight over towards Rectory Lane due to the temporary crossing near Domino's being on red. Then those lights turned to green allowing traffic to move again but by this time the green man had come on ay the main lights allowing pedestrians to cross at towards and from the former RBS bank side of the lights.

Raising the concerns as a serious threat and the reason why it was important that the Council was made aware of this immediately. Today the council have come back to him and confirmed that the temporary lights will be made permanent this week and the timings will be locked in with the lights at the cross roads so the incident does not happen again, so not to put any lives at risk.

We wait to see if this takes place and also people are safe to cross at the cross roads.

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