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Standish Cllrs where are they and what are they getting?

When we look at social media and hear people at the protest it is clear that the Standish Cllrs have gone AWOL - Absence without Leave. It is right that our society is run on democracy and whether we like it or not, they were all elected, but they were elected to represent us! It is clear they are not only not representing us in this major issue but have been helping to get the migrants in the hotel, if we go off the email where Labour Cllr Parkinson says that she and the other ward Cllrs have been working with Kilhey Court and the Council to get the hotel used as a contingency hotel for these people. This is wrong!

Then we look at how much are these Cllrs getting paid to represent us when they are not? Each Cllr gets approx £14,000 each per year. Labour Cllr Debbie Parkinson also gets an extra £6,500 approx for being deputy mayor this year. So this year the three of these Cllrs that are not representing us is costing us the best part of £50,000 this year. But wait for it. Next year when the Labour Cllr Parkinson is the Mayor she will get and extra £20,000 approx on top of her basic allowance of £14,000, so the three of them will cost us over £60,000 for the year and they have all gone into hiding and doing nothing to help residents. This should not be allowed!

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