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Standish Cllr safety warning

Our 3 Standish Cllrs brag, and I do say brag, that they meet the Council and police regularly, even twice a week some weeks. So it would be reasonable to think they are told important information about our safety in the community.

With the above in mind when a parent contacted Cllr Ray Whittingham ( I am unsure if they contacted all 3 - if they did I have only seen Cllr Whittingham's response) about safety with regards their child Cllr Whittingham said in regards to the line, and I quote,

"I am truly sorry your [child)" had to suffer the events explained in your message text, you ask how to keep your children safe, may I suggest in the interest of safety you don't let [them]*walk along the line alone, no matter what time of day or yourself for that matter."

With regards Worthington lake he then goes on to say,

I think you are wise not to walk around Worthington Lakes alone as as along the line, especially as the nights are drawing in towards Winter.!

I revert back to the Cllrs say about meeting and discussing the matter, do the Cllrs know something we don't that elected Cllrs are now warning us not to use certain areas of our community, no mater what time of day it is? That would include broad daylight.

If there is a risk to us, or our children's, safety that such advice is being given out by elected Cllrs of Wigan Council that say they know more about this than us because they meet regularly, then I say that we are told by the police and the Council what the risks are.

I will now write to GMP, the Council and Cllr Whittingham to ask what the dangers are to us and the community and what are they doing to mitigate those risk to our safety.

*change Pronoun so not to even identify gender of the child.

Full permission from the parent has been given to post this article in the interest of public safety.

(This article is written by Standish Views Matter founder Gareth Fairhurst, who admits in public that he is dyslexic and he says this as one of our ward Cllrs and other Standish Voice members belittle him in public forums and on SV page for this. If there are some grammatical errors he apologises in advance.)

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