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Stand up for Standish Day

So Last Sunday ( 3rd September 2023) Standish residents came together to stand up for Standish. This is over the economic migrants going to be housed in Kilhey Court on Chorley Road.

Labour and Wigan Council have said in their press releases on the council's website they support these people but think that the hotel is not suitable. So if they want to help them where will they put them? Homes that local residents are trying to get? So instead of supporting the residents of Standish they got their union mates to turn up an hour before and try and intimidate those hard working Standish residents. Now the left will say how can we claim this? Like everything we do on this site we go off facts and not propaganda, like labour want to do with sprout their falsehoods from their propaganda mouth piece, aka Standish Voice. So below we have pictures taken by Standish Views Matter founder Gareth Fairhurst. You can see the labour and trade unions side some with masks on. Why would they need to do this? Try and cause trouble? Intimidate local residents? Then you will see a picture of Labours trade union vice president telling us in Standish what we should do. Hmm many said she should go back to where she is from. No, that is not about colour of the ladies skin but she is not from Standish or even Wigan. She is from another part of the UK altogether. So how can she tell us in Standish what we need to do? Maybe as a union vice president she should be more concerned about the fact that Standish residents are losing jobs. Surely that is what unions should do! There was about 40 of the Labour Left that came to protest against standish residents and not one of Standish Cllrs have spoken out against them.

When we look across the road we are getting to close to a 1,000. Standish families, elderly and original Standish residents. No masks worn. No far right, as labour said would be here. Just Peaceful protests.

Many spoke at the event and it is clear that the warm hearted people of Standish and Wigan are open to genuine refugees but not economic migrants that take from the system when so many of the Standish residents are requiring help, like the elderly , veterans and others.

Other protests are due to take place and Gareth Fairhurst will be delivering the petition to Downing Street and asking them to change the hotel that these migrants stop at.

Thank you to all those that took part in this peaceful protest and our views matter and will be heard, regardless of the fact that none of the Standish Cllrs or the MP turned up. says it all but we will remember next May as residents voiced. Well done to Ince Cllr Maureen Bern for organising the event.

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