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Public Meeting coming soon

Many residents are asking for a public meeting, along with the petition that we are running and this is something we are trying to sort out.

We have reached out to some venues but whether it be due to not being available or suitable we have not secured a venue yet, but we have a couple of requests out at the minute.

This is why it is important to keep checking the website and the Facebook page to keep up to date with it.

Also, if you can share the pages, both the website and Facebook, and ask friends, family and neighbours to sign the petition. We will be updating the number what we have got so far, which will be incredible when we do the tally at the end of the day. This is down to all your help and support but we must keep it going as the government, Serco, McDonalds hotel, Wigan Council and Cllrs are hoping this uproar is just a flash in the pan and we go away. So keep sharing. Thank you again.

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