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Labour and their little Trolls

So having been around the local politics scheme since 2002 I know the ammo of the Labour Council and their little trolls.

If you oppose them they go into nasty mode. There are countless examples. Currently we see how they treat Cllr Maureen O'Bern. Picking on a lady and yet in the second breath say men should not bully women. maybe they should practice what they preach, food for thought!

It is clear with what Cllr Maureen O'Bern is doing and myself they can't win the argument. They can't stand by the residents and so carrying out nasty tricks.

With regards myself a few of the councils little pathetic trolls, Emma Appleton, Rebecca McCarthy and Richard Bean are spreading very highly libellous lies about me. They seem to like to say and or insinuate with help from their labour propaganda machine - Standish Voice - are spreading rumours out that money for Ashfield went missing, which it most certainly didn't.

For those that are new to Standish, the Council was going to sell Ashfield playing fields to a developer and these trolls are like o no they were not it is all lies from Gareth Fairhurst. So given that I always have proof here with the emails below between the council and the developer about this. Note all the meetings, where the access road was going, relocating the play area etc and you will see that all the issues.

FOI Meeting emails
Download PDF • 95KB

As with Kilhey Court that matter was important and we saved it from being developed. We then looked to move to see if we could get the area registered as a Village Green so the council could never build on it.

So we move on to getting a barrister to write the legal argument for the village green application. We used a local well respected barrister Ruth Stockley from Kings Chamber to do this. The three trolls, Standish Voice and the council like to put out libellous lies but here are the invoices for the work that Ruth did for us.

Barrister invoice
Download PDF • 615KB

Barrister invoice 2
Download PDF • 104KB

I felt it was incredibly important to counter these highly libellous lies and if anyone inc want to carry out repeating them I would suggest they have deep pockets and nerves of steel. High court action will follow. So let's hope the Labour, their propaganda and trolls keep their mouths shut unless they have something constructive to say about the issues that will help us all.

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