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Council and/ or Cllrs gag Standish Residents

On our Facebook page ( click here if you are not a member yet) that someone are running scared. We know in the past that when Standish View Matter members said we would turn up to a Standish Cllrs surgery, they didn't turn up blaming the fact that the room had already been booked although we went into the room and took - and posted online - a picture of the empty room.

At the last Public meeting to be totally transparent we had difficulty in booking a room. The Unity club said the topic of Kilhey Court was too much of a hot potato and the committee had decided not to get involved either way. Fair enough it is a private building. The old Labour club said I was not a member and I couldn't book the room. Again fair enough if it went against their rules. Standish "community" high school said there was a safe guarding issue even though the meeting would have been held at night and they didn't even know the date we were after. In fact we could have worked with them had they wanted too. But given their close ties to the council I suspect this was more than an issue. Then we asked Standish "Community" Centre. They also said no. As this is owned by the community I went and had a meeting with a couple of the committee and after discussions of what could be said and not, which both sides agreed, plus how we can use the room and set up etc they agreed to allow us to use the room. we did exactly what had been agreed include returning the room to how we should have. I paid the fee out of my own pocket, which is fine.

So, when I posted that another public meeting I contacted the community centre. The response came back as a no. I just thought initially that it was a date clash, so I asked if this was the case and what dates were available? Then came the the punch line - we have been advised not to allow any public meetings. Just think about that for a second. This building is owned by you! It is the village "Community" centre.

So I asked if it was the Cllrs and or the council that had said this to them? They don't answer this. I pushed back and then I got a message that the Chairman had decided, interesting, more on that later. Below with regards our openness and transparency here are the screen shots of the messages.

So it is clear that either or both the Council and or the Standish Cllrs had said this to the community centre. We started Standish Views Matter on the migrants being housed at Kilhey Court. Then it soon included the matter that our 3 ward Cllrs who collectively get at least £51K per year went into hiding and still are. They failed to attend the public protest. They did not organise any public meeting. The only time we heard from them was either via the labour controlled council propaganda machine Standish Voice Facebook page saying they are working hard, or Tory Cllr Whittingham complaining online that he couldn't have a quiet pint in the pub and if he couldn't he would call the police. Great use of tax moneys resources there - not!

It is clear that the council and Standish Cllrs are running scared and want it all to go quiet. this will not happen. So maybe we start holding our public meetings where we held the protest, across the road from the Lychgate and the Church. They will not silent you, they will not control what matters to you or your views. The Labour party complain that the Tory government are trying to silence protest but yet here they are in Standish trying to gag the hole village.

So what now?

If anyone has contact to any venue that can host a public meeting please ask them. A Thursday night seems best. If there is a fee then I can pay that.

Time of year is not the best but maybe we look at a Saturday or Sunday when the weather is dry and hold an outside meeting

A leaflet drop may be the way to get the message out about all the issues

Tell us what you think and your thoughts.

Standish Community Centre

I did say more on this before and maybe we standishers need to start taking Standish back. When I look at how our community centre is being run the accounts are overdue (See below). I have asked for a copy of the constitution and when their next AGM is and we turn up on mass and take back control of our public buildings if the council and or Cllrs think they can gag us.

(This article is written by Standish Views Matter founder Gareth Fairhurst, who admits in public that he is dyslexic and he says this as one of our ward Cllrs and other Standish Voice members belittle him in public forums and on SV page for this. If there are some grammatical errors he apologises in advance.)

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