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Can Wigan Council do anything? - Freedom of Information Request

There have been much discussion that both Chorley and Bolton Council's stopped hotels in their borough from housing asylum seekers and many, including ourselves, have asked why Wigan Council have not done this as well?

Wigan Council have said in a press statement that is published on their website that they knew nothing of this and they didn't know any thing and also they cannot do anything? But yet an internal email has been leaked to us that shows that the Standish Cllrs and Wigan Council have been working with the home office and Kilhey Court to allow the hotel to be used as a contingency hotel.

We then thought there is a conflict of interest between the email leaked to us and the press statement and we then looked at is this a mo

ney thing? Gareth Fairhurst ( founder of Standish Views Matter) put a FOI request into the Council and asked what money they were getting for each person? This is due to the fact that a figure of £3,500 was being spoken about publicly. Wigan Council have never said this figure is wrong or confirmed this.

But on the response to the FOI question the Council only sent through a link to the Home Office and they say there are 3 elements or figures the local council's get. These are £750, £3,500 and £3,000 if the council are part of a pilot scheme, which we are being told they are. Therefore on the link the Council sent to us the Council gets £7,250 per person. Now we know why Wigan Council do not want to be open and also why they say in their press statement they support and welcome these migrants. All makes sense now.

Gareth Fairhurst has gone back and said the link doesn't answer the question asked as we fear they could get more money than the £7,250 that we can see in the link they sent us.

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